Sigma Brush Review

I have been on the hunt for what seems like FOREVER for some quality makeup brushes. Okay, maybe not forever but at least 2 years now. I’m a bargain hunter so I didn’t want to go the MAC route because I’d end up spending approximately one billion dollars total, give or take a little, by the time my set was complete. So instead I put my nerd glasses on and did some good old fashion research! I spent a few days Googling and reading reviews before I was finally set on the brushes for me. After reading and also hearing wonderful things (such great quality, amazingly soft, must have brushes, comparable to MAC, if not better, etc…) from countless reviews, Instagram friends and also a personal friend, who happens to be a certified makeup artist, I decided to purchase brushes from Sigma Beauty.


With help from my MUA friend Jackie, aka the Makeup Nista, I compiled a list of all the essential brushes I needed to have in my kit. Luckily, Sigma Beauty offers an essentials kit that contains 12 different must-have brushes. They have a few different types of brush sets which you can check out here but I just went with the classic black essentials brush kit. With suggestions from Jackie I also added a few other additional brushes (E80, E25 x2, E40 and E45). I did some Googling beforehand and found a coupon code for 10% off my total purchase which saved me $14.30. All-in-all I bought 17 eye and face brushes for $136.75 (shipping included). Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “$136.75 for some makeup brushes?!” and yes, it’s a lot but that’s nothing compared to MAC prices! Plus, I consider these a “long term investment” since I’ll have them for a few years AT LEAST.

Review time…

The Sigma Beauty website was easy to navigate and my package arrived in less than a week from my purchase date which started off my experience well. That first impression continued once I opened the box. Right away I was drawn in by the product packaging. It has a sweet, simple black and white theme with some splashes of teal, pink and dandelion yellow.

My 12 piece essentials brush kit came in the larger box which included a pamphlet that gives you the names of all 12 brushes and their purposes.

My 5 additional brushes came in the smaller box.

I also received a free gift with purchase which was a small E05 eyeliner brush.

And at the bottom of my box was an instruction sheet on how to clean the brushes.

Once I was done ooohing and ahhhing over the presentation of the products I finally got down to trying them out with Jackie at my side. Since I had never owned such a wide variety of makeup brushes before I asked Jackie to teach me a few tips and tricks of the trade (which I’ll share with you in the next post). As I was learning these tips and tricks we were using different face and eye brushes. While using them I noticed that each brush was equally as soft as the one I had used prior. I’d like to refer to this feeling as soft as a baby’s butt. To expand further, these brushes are EXTREMELY soft and great quality for the price. The bristles on a few of the eye brushes have been shedding a bit but that’s fairly standard with any type of brush. If I continue to have this problem I’m going to write Sigma an email and see if they can send me replacement brushes. This hasn’t happened to anyone else I’ve talked to so my brushes might just be defective. I’m not too worried about. Overall, I give Sigma Beauty makeup brushes… 3 stars! (Would have been 4 if not for the slight shedding)

I really like my new brushes and I am 99.9% satisfied with my purchase. I’d like to thank everyone who recommended these to me because you did not steer me wrong! Now I’m going to turn the tables and recommend these to everyone and anyone who is looking to purchase quality makeup brushes but don’t want to spend a fortune doing so.

Be sure to check out my next post “A Day with the Makeup Nista” for a more in-depth post about these brushes.

– Katie


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