Best Friends and Birthdays

Happy 21st birthday Courtney!!!

Where to start… You, of all people, definitely deserve to have a drink today. You have been through so much the past few years and demonstrated what a strong person you really are. I just want to let you know that I notice and appreciate all of the hard work that you do. You are such an amazing mother to A and I love seeing how you both interact with each other. I’m glad that I can call someone with such drive and determination not only my friend, but my best friend. You have seen me at my best and at my absolute worst and stuck by my side through it all. Thanks for being a great friend and putting up with my shenanigans throughout the years. Good luck trying to get rid of me now, we both know too much!

I love you and hope you’re having a fabulous birthday!

– Katie

Courtney surprised me with breakfast on my birthday so I decided it was her turn to be surprised. Since she was working today I made and brought her some cupcakes to work.

Here are some pictures…

Operation cupcake was a big success. She loved it!!!


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  1. happy birthday… keep growing and keep going!!

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