Makeup Board Sneak Peak!

I know I promised more blog posts this week but I have been a busy, busy bee the past two days. I wanted to check in anddd give you a peak at what I’ve been doing. Before I say anymore here are some pictures…

In case you ever wondered what over 1,600 rare earth magnets look like…

Pink nails and power tools make me happy!

Oh, there’s just my dog being lazy in our backyard on his 8th birthday.

Plywood is all cut!

This little guy wanted to crash the party. Eeeek!

The awesome floor mat in our garage.

When you cut sheet metal these pretty spirals happen. I was thoroughly amused.

And now the messy parts begin…

See, I wasn’t lying! Manicure = A little China Glaze Pink Voltage and a little liquid nails.

You will be flat whether you like it or not!

Background application in full effect = perfectionism in full effect.

Side note: being a crafter and a perfectionist usually ends with someone being unhappy and that person is usually named Katie.

My stepdad’s new table and in case you were wondering we definitely got out a stopwatch and it only takes 6 seconds to set up! Again, thoroughly amused.

Why yes, it was 90 degrees (F) in the garage the entire time this was taking place. Hopefully I at least sweated off a few pounds! *fingers crossed*

Ahhhhh, I’m covered in glue AND pink glitter! Needless to say there is glitter all over everything!

Well at least those books JJC wouldn’t buy back are put to good use…

By this time you may have guessed that construction of magnetic makeup boards is in FULL SWING! More details will soon follow but until then here’s a peak at some of the boards…

Well I did say it was only a peak! You’ll get to see the finished products soon enough.

Have to go back to construction now, byeee.

Everyone smile! It’s Friday!

– Katie


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