That’s How I Became “The Nanny”

I’m constantly being asked the same few questions:

Do you have a job?
What do you do?
Really?! How do you do it all day?
How does someone even get started in that?

Well my friends, here are your answers in a nut shell…

WARNING: this is long and basically my life story for the past few years.

I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I can remember. I have A LOT of passions in life (baking, crafting, designing, etc…) but being around children, helping them grow and learn is by far my greatest.

I started off babysitting a few local neighborhood kids around age 13/14. Once I turned 16 and got my license I was able to venture out and start watching other kids as well. During my junior year of high school I had the option of going to an off campus career center (kind of like a trade school) for part of the school day. One of the programs this center offers is child care. The child care program gives high school students (juniors and seniors) hands on experience teaching real preschool classes. I, wanting to be a teacher my whole life, of course jumped on this opportunity. I stayed in the program for both my junior and senior year which helped validate choosing elementary education as my major when enrolling in college.


After I graduated high school in the spring of 2009 I naturally wanted to find a job working with children before starting college that fall. I didn’t have to look very far because it just so happened that a parent of two children from one of my preschool classes owned a home daycare and was looking for extra help a few days a week. I quickly snatched up the job and worked there for a few months. We parted ways in December since she mostly watched teacher’s children and times would be slow over winter break.


The beginning of the new year was extremely slow for me. I attended school full time and worked odd babysitting jobs whenever I was needed. As the spring semester was nearing an end I began toying with the idea of becoming a nanny for the summer. Once I decided it was something I was sure I wanted to do I, again, didn’t have to look far for a job. One of the families I babysat for had a friend who was looking for someone to watch their boys for the summer. We set up a meeting, did a quick interview and I got the job. The job went great and when end of summer rolled around we parted ways since I was only needed until the boys started school again. I was back to school full time and also back to job hunting all at the same time. This is where Sittercity comes into play.

I had heard about a website called from a few people, as well as seeing commercials for it (Sittercity is a website where families can find sitters/nannies and sitters/nannies can find employment). I was a bit skeptical to join at first but I thought I’d at least give it a shot so I put a profile up. A few weeks in I started to get some interest and go on different interviews. Not too long after starting the interview process I got a job picking up a little girl from school and watching her until her grandmother got home. Everything was going swimmingly until… winter break happened again. I wasn’t needed for winter break so we were going to separate for the two weeks then I’d resume when break was over.


However, it didn’t quite go as planned. Winter break came and went and I never heard back from the grandmother. A few weeks later I contacted her asking what had happened. She apologized for not contacting me and said they didn’t need me back until February. That’s when I made the tough decision (I really liked that family) that it would be best for everyone if we just parted ways. So, there I was… another new year, jobless and back to the Sittercity drawing board again. It didn’t take long before I was in the employed world again. I got a job watching three older girls (9, 11 and 13) two days a week. And by watch I mean driving them around to different events and practices. This job was terrible. The girls didn’t listen to a thing I said so we parted ways shortly after I started. Fortunately, I already had another job lined up that started the next week (which was supposed to be my second job).

I started with this new family, we’ll call them the Brown’s*, the next week and immediately could tell that something was different this time. I’m not going to talk much about the Brown’s in this post because I’m still with them now and am going to formally introduce the kids in tomorrow’s post. For now I’ll just say I was with them in spring and they wanted me back for fall but sadly, they didn’t need me for the summer so I had to find another job. Thus far I’ve lucked out with never having to look too far for a new family and this case was no different. A family I babysat for (almost) every Friday wanted me for the summer so since I was looking I agreed to take on the job. Without going into too much detail (and trust me, I could go on forever) we’ll just call it the summer from hell. Those kids were HORRIBLE. Nothing like they were when I watched them on Friday nights. Long story short, I quit two days before the end of summer because I couldn’t spend even one more minute with them. Thankfully, school was starting back up and I was back with the Brown’s again.

Anyways… that’s how I got my start with this whole thing. We’ll resume tomorrow with introducing the lovely (and I really mean that) Brown children.

– Katie

*first and last names have been changed to protect
the privacy of the family*
(and yes, I have permission to post about them)



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2 responses to “That’s How I Became “The Nanny”

  1. Davina wonders

    I love reading your blogs. Memoir material my dear neice.

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