Meet the Browns

If you read yesterdays post you now know how I got my start with nannying. You also know that I haven’t had the best luck with finding a long-term family. However, that finally changed when I began working for the Brown’s* last spring.

The Brown’s are a mother, father and their three children: two boys and one girl. As soon as I started working for the Brown’s I could tell that something was going to be different this time. We all connected almost immediately. The Brown children are without a doubt some of the most well-behaved, smart, respectful, kind, caring, funny and friendly children I have ever met in my life. Which is something I had never experienced before when babysitting/nannying. I love that their parents not only care about what kind of children they are right now but they also make sure they’re instilling good ethics for their future. Part of the reason why I think our relationship(s) work so well is that we all respect and care about one another. The parents genuinely care about how I feel and what I think about situations and I’m the same towards them. Likewise with the children, I value their opinions and always make sure they’ve had a chance to speak their piece about everything and when I have something to say they hear me out as well. It all just works for us. I finally found a family that I just fit right into and I couldn’t be happier. You probably think I’m exaggerating but I really enjoy going to work because the kids are so easy and we have so much fun together.

I’ve been with the Brown’s for a little over a year now and I decided that it’s time to formally introduce you to the kiddos (that’s what I usually call them). I wanted to change their names in order to protect the privacy of the family and being the awesome nanny that I am I thought it would be fun if I let them pick their own blog names. Here’s what they came up with:

(L to R) Sippy*, age 8. Peppa*, age 3. Grover*, age 6.

Well, there you have it. These are the three little people I spend a lot of my time with. Now I can finally start talking about them on my blog… be prepared to read lots of posts about them now that the cat is out of the bag. Sometime in the near future I’ll probably dedicate individual posts to each child explaining their personalities and what they’re each in to so check back for that.

– Katie

*first and last names have been changed to protect
the privacy of the family*
(and yes, I have permission to post about them)


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