Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

Revlon recently released their new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (that’s a mouth full!) and since then they have been receiving rave reviews. I, being the skeptic that I am, decided to pick up two of the twelve available shades to test out for myself. I’m going to keep this as short, sweet, and to the point as possible but I have so much to say about this product… I’m warning you now!

Let me start off by saying I love, love, loveee this product and just about everything about it. If you just want quick advice on whether or not to buy it then YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! I’d say at least give it a try and if you end up not liking it most stores will take back products you are not satisfied with. If you want a full review of the product and what my thoughts are on the colors I purchased then keep on reading!


I really like the packaging of this product. The tubes are fairly large which I like for two main reasons: one, because it’s easy to hold when applying to the lips and two, it can easily be spotted when misplaced. Another great thing about the packaging that I noticed after I started wearing the different shades is that unlike most lip products the colors of the tubes are almost IDENTICAL to the color that appears on the lips (at least mine anyway). For that reason alone I’d feel more confident in purchasing additional colors from the collection.

I also wanted to quickly point out something that people may be confused about (I definitely was!) when they get the product home. How on earth do you get more balm stain out? I was confused because I was thinking okay, I’m going to need a gigantic sharpener but wait it’s a plastic tube. I had an air head moment like… ughhhh how does this work? I can’t sharpener the plastic? However, I quickly figured out that the silver band at the bottom of the tube isn’t just an accent. You actually twist the band and more products pops up. Pictured below on the left is the silver band. On the right is a balm stain fully twisted up so you can see exactly how much (or how little I should say) product you’re getting for your money (retail price $7.29 at target or $8.99 at Ulta). I would have been kind of upset at the lack of product you receive if I hadn’t gotten an incredible deal on these.


Other than its minimal amount, I really can’t seem to find anything wrong with this product. HONESTLY! Within the first few days of trying these I automatically knew they were going to be a new favorite of mine and went out to get two more shades (since then I’ve bought another shade as well). I have heard a lot of people mention that they smell minty and I definitely agree. I personally think it smells almost identical to Burt’s Bees. The last thing I want to mention about the product itself is that it doesn’t have a taste at all.


Application is very smooth and extremely easy. It goes on just as smooth with one coat as it does it with five coats. I like that it doesn’t get cakey at all when applying multiple coats. It’s a very buildable product which I think is one of its best features. You can add as little color or as much color as you want.

Once applied it basically stays on your lips all day. For the first three hours or so it feels like a lip balm. After the first few hours you’ll notice the moisture start to fade but your lips will remain stained for several more hours.

Color Breakdown

Rendezvous is a bright orange that is perfect for summer! This was my first experience with an orange lip color and I’m glad I was brave enough to try it because I love it. I’m definitely going to be wearing this A TON this summer and probably in the fall also. A feature that I really like about this shade is once the orange stain starts fading and your natural pink shows through it looks like you’ve got coral stain on your lips, which is also perfect for summer! I’d say it’s a win-win with this one!

Sweetheart is another bright color that is perfect for summer! The bright pink packaging is actually what caught my eye and made me want to purchase this shade. Unlike some other extremely bright lip products I would say that Sweetheart has a very wearable brightness. As mentioned these balm stains are very buildable so you can just add one coat if you’re not into super bright pink lips or you can add multiple coats to intensify. Although this color is vibrant I would probably wear this year round but adding a few less coats in the non-summer months.

Ahhhh, what to say about Cherish… at first I was reluctant to purchase this shade but after seeing multiple people rave about it I caved in. Once I got home and tried it on I completely understood why everyone was so excited out it. Cherish is an absolutely gorgeoussss light Barbie pink. But don’t let that scare you, I promise it’s not too light and won’t wash you out. It just adds a nice coat of pink to your lips. I would say this shade would be nice to use throughout the entire year and can be used with a wide variety of looks. I really like all of the shades I have purchased so far but if I had to pick a favorite Cherish would be it. If someone only wanted to purchase one shade from the entire collection I would recommend this one without a doubt.

Out of the four shades I purchased Honey would have to be my least favorite. It’s not that it’s not a pretty color (it is a nice neutral pink) but because it’s only a shade or two darker than my natural lip color. I don’t regret buying it at all but it just doesn’t give me as great of a color pay off as the other three shades do. I’ve been using this as a lip balm whenever my lips need some moisture or when I just want a little color. I’ll probably use this shade when I’m doing more of a dramatic eye and want to keep my lip color neutral. Honey wouldn’t be my first choice and I probably won’t re-purchase but I’ll make it work since I already have it.

Well after composing almost an entire novel about this product,
I’m ready to give my rating…

Although I do wish you got more product for your money, overall I really loved the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and am going to give them… you guessed it…. 4 stars!

I really hope you found this review helpful. Based on the twelve shades available I truly believe there is something for everyone. I also hope that you’ll go and try out at least one of the shades.

Have you tried this product out yet? If so, leave a comment with your personal experience and what you thought of it.

– Katie

P.S. You may notice something a little different around here. I decided it was time to change my blog theme. The theme I had previously really just wasn’t me at all and I was never thrilled with it. It looked kind of bland and boring so I decided to change it up a bit. This new theme is much brighter and definitely more me so I hope you like it!



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