How to Clean White Flip Flops in Minutes!

Did you “ruin” those fresh, beautiful white flip flops at a fourth of July barbecue? Well have no fear I have just the solution for you! Follow these few easy steps and your flip flops will look as good as new.

What you’ll need:

– White flip flops in need of some TLC
– Tilex
– Toothbrush or other scrub brush

Warning: Tilex contains bleach so use with caution.

Step 1:

Place dirty flip flops into a bleach safe environment.

Step 2:

Coat flip flops evenly with Tilex then let sit for around 10-15 minutes*. You should begin to notice the stains start to lift immediately.

*Time will vary based on how dirty the flip flops are.

Step 3:

Once 10 minutes have passed, most if not all of the stains should be lifted. At this point (if desired) use a tooth brush to lightly scrub flip flops where needed then rinse under water to remove Tilex.

Note: Some flip flops may not need additional scrubbing. In that case just go straight to rinsing under water.

And VOLIA! You have (almost) brand new flip flops!

My family has been doing this trick for several years now. I actually don’t think I’ve purchased any new white flip flops since 2 summers ago. At that time I had gotten 3 or 4 new pairs and now I just keep switching between the different pairs and cleaning them when needed. I hope you’ll give this a try because it’s a super easy solution to wasting money just throwing dirty pairs away every year.

What are some of your money saving tricks? Share them in a comment on this post.

– Katie


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