Nanny Bits: October 2011 – June 2012

Wow, it’s been an entire week since I’ve posted anything. Sorry for neglecting the blog; I’ve been working like crazy and just enjoying the kids company. Speaking of the kids… I’ve decided that I’m going to start a monthly (or bi-monthly) segment called “Nanny Bits.” In these posts I’ll be sharing bits and pieces from my life as a nanny. Since today is the first Nanny Bits post I decided to rewind the clock and share pictures/stories that go back as far October (that’s when I got my iPhone).

Let’s jump right into it shall we….?

 Left: Peppa* and Grover* at Grover’s kindergarten Halloween party.
Right: Sippy* being silly at home.If there is one thing my kiddos love it’s FOOD! Wendy’s happens to be one of their favorite places so on occasion we’d go there for dinner after school on Fridays. Their faces are priceless in this one![Let me first start off by saying this was a joke. I knew it was a joke, he knew it was a joke, we all knew it was a joke and we were all cracking up the whole time.]

Now that that’s out of the way… the kids were preparing to go on vacation and I wouldn’t be seeing them for 2 whole weeks. On my last day with them before their vacation I wanted for us all to bond and play a game together. Sippy however, did not want to play a game with the rest of us so I told him if he didn’t want to play with us that he had to go sit in the corner with his nose on the wall like they did in the old days (I think?) while the rest of us played. After trying to convince him to play for about 10 minutes I told him, “Fineeeee, you don’t have to play. You can go play with Lego’s or something.” Again, Sippy had other plans and made his way to the corner and stuck his nose on the wall. We were all laughing so hard that even when I told him to get up he just stayed there in his happy little corner laughing… nothing better than the sound of a kids laughter echoing from a corner.

This is one of those memories that the kids and I still joke about to this day.During Winter break I was having a conversation with the kids and randomly asked if they had ever had S’mores before and you what they said? They said no! No?! They had never had S’mores before and since S’mores are basically my favorite thing ever I took it upon myself to change that right away. We all decided that later that week we would have a S’mores making/movie watching/pajama day. The verdict was split almost evenly: Sippy liked them, Grover didn’t and Peppa was on the fence.For Valentine’s Day I put together individual bags that contained a bunch of different treats for the kids and surprised them after school. The treats were things like candy, goldfish, popcorn, pencils, etc…. I still have the templates I made for putting together the treats so next Valentine’s Day I’m going put up a post on how you can make your own cheap and personalized treat bags. More importantly the kids will love them! This is one of my all time favorite pictures of the kids. I had stopped to get gas one day after picking them up from school and when I turned around this is what I saw. I just had to capture the moment. As you see above I like to call it, “One sick kid, one tired kid… and then there’s Peppa!” Just having a good ol’ game of H-O-R-S-E. Although, we never did get to finish because these kids get bored with activities veryyyy quickly. Even though it was their idea! I definitely consider that a win for me by default…I’ve discovered over time I’m that weird nanny that likes to take pictures of the kids when they randomly fall asleep. Which happens A LOT! In my defense I send their mom cute pictures of them sporadically. Oh, and how could I pass up taking that picture on the left! Peppa literally fell asleep on the couch while still holding onto her balloon. What a cute moment!

The rest of the pictures are from the beginning of the summer until the end of June.I decided it would be a fun idea for the kids (mainly the boys) to have a summer journal. Each day they pick a topic out of the jar and have to write a minimum of 3 sentences on that topic. Some are challenging but most are fun and there’s even a few free days thrown in there.The kids being blinded by the sun on their first day of summer camp. These shots were just too funny not to share and they still look cute! Each day the boys have to read for 30 minutes. Their mom even decided to do a family reading club. The boys, their mom, and dad all read the same book every week then they get together on Sundays and talk about that book. Talk about adorable!Having a non-technology hour and painting instead. I decided to challenge the boys and only give them the primary colors so if they wanted any other color they’d have to make it.Field trip to the library! Peppa was pretty excited that I let her pick out her own books.What’s with kids and balloons?! Seriously, all Peppa needs is this balloon and she will keep herself entertained for HOURS! It’s crazy, but whatever works…My little fish loving the pool and splash pad. Took the kids to do one of my favorite things ever… painting pottery! Sadly, they didn’t like it as much as I do. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

I hope you liked this new segment. I’ll try not to keep you waiting a whole week for another post but until next time…

– Katie

*first and last names have been changed to protect
the privacy of the family*
(and yes, I have permission to post about them)


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