Sinful Colors Nail Polish Overview and Sale


Ladies, do you like nail polish? Do you like affordable yet good quality products? Do you like sales?

If you answered yes to the above questions then I have just the thing for you! Sinful Colors Professional nail enamel is a quality, yet affordable nail polish brand AND at only $1.99 each they are a complete steal!

I’ve been using Sinful Colors polish for a few years now and I have to say I loveee them! As with every brand the formula will vary a bit from color to color but all-in-all Sinful Colors does not disappoint! I like using the different colors by themselves, as well as for dotting and/or other nail art. I prefer using Sinful Colors polish for nail art as opposed to my higher end brands since they’re so cheap. I’m able to use them without being stingy and can afford to replace any colors if and when I run out.

If you haven’t tried any Sinful Colors polishes yet I highly suggest you give a few a chance and right now is the perfect opportunity to do so. I’ve seen Sinful Colors polish sold in stores at Walgreens, Target and Meijer (as well as several online retailers) for $1.99 each. However, lucky for all of us polish lovers Walgreens currently has them at a stock up price of only 99 cents each! Yes, 99 cents! So what do you have to lose? Take a couple bucks, head down to Walgreens and pick up a few colors to try. If you happen to not like them for some reason just take them back with your receipt and Walgreens will most likely give you a refund.

Anywho… here are my picks from the 99 cents sale!

I tried not to go too, too crazy since I had already gotten a bunch of
polish last week but I had been waiting for this sale for around
3 months so I wanted to at least get a few.
(I believe this sale only comes every 12 weeks.)


Colors L to R: Secret Admirer, Gorgeous, Bali Mist, Cinderella, Rise and Shine, Innocent, Folly and Rain Storm.

Below are the Sinful Colors polishes I already had in my collection.


Colors L to R: Black on Black, Snow Me White, Cream Pink (one of my favorites!), Pink, Nirvana, Thimbleberry, Aquamarine, Pull Over and 24/7.

I have linked all the names to a Google Image search of swatches so
you can see what the colors look like on.

Again, if you haven’t gotten a chance to try out Sinful Colors polishes yet, I suggest you run out while the sale is going on at Walgreens and pick up a few colors. But you’ve got to hurry! The sale is only going on until Saturday the 28th and probably won’t be back for another 12 weeks!

What is your experience with Sinful Colors polish? Love it? Hate it? Let me know either way! And if you love it, what are some of your favorite shades? Leave a comment below so I can pick them up during the sale!

– Katie



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2 responses to “Sinful Colors Nail Polish Overview and Sale

  1. skaytanik

    I went a bit overboard on this sale, but hey, at only a dollar, you can’t *not* rack up! 😀 This is a great way to fill in some of those color gaps you’ve wanted to try but weren’t to sure about 😛

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