Nanny Bits: July 2012

Note: Peppa* randomly decided to play ghost while Sippy*, Grover* and I were talking during snack. I just haddd to snap a quick picture because it was too cute when I looked over and saw this.

Note: I swear, the boys are the BEST big brothers ever! But that’s another story. I could go on forever!

Note: She did this all on her own while the boys were playing Wii. Again, I just haddd to snap a picture to share with you.

Note: 5 minutes after they got home from summer camp this is all I saw. Needless to say it wore them out!

We also took a trip to our local children’s museum last month but of course I went overboard with the pictures so I made a separate post for them which you can find here. Well, that’s it for Nanny Bits July 2012! I hope you all had a good July and have an even better August!

– Katie

*first and last names have been changed to protect
the privacy of the family*
(and yes, I have permission to post about them)


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