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Nanny Bits: August 2012

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I’ve been crazy busy ever since school started back up. I’m at my new transfer school now and it’s definitely a big adjustment. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage and balance my time between everything I’ve got going on butttt I’m back and I finally have Nanny Bits August ready to share!

August was a bittersweet month for the kids and I because summer vacation was wrapping up and they’d all be back in school at the end of the month. I wanted to make sure we ended the summer with a bang so I planned a special week of activities for us all to do together until school started. Here are a bunch of the activities we did:

Note: This was sooooo messy but also fun!

Note: We all had so, so, so much fun bowling! This was definitely my favorite activity we did all summer and a favorite for the kids as well. Next summer we’re going to have to take FULL advantage of the kid’s free bowling program because with that plus my games and shoe rental for all of us the whole activity cost less than $20.

Note: The kids loved this! If you’d like to try this activity out yourself you can find my super easy tutorial here.

Note: On the last day of summer vacation I wanted to do something extra special so I sent the kids on a treasure hunt throughout the entire house and at the end was two boxes filled with tons of toys and goodies for them. They each got one bigger gift and then a bunch of little surprises. The boys got a Mario Party DS game and Peppa got a jumbo Backyardigans book. They had no idea about this activity but were thrilled when they reached the end and open those boxes.

Note: That same day the kids thought it would be fun to have breakfast for lunch so that’s exactly what we did!

Here’s the rest of August bits…

And here’s my favorite…

Note: I briefly explained to Grover what “showing your work” on a math problem means then I looked away for a moment to help Sippy with his homework. When I looked back to check his paper this is what I got. Gotta love kids!

And that’s what I’ll leave you with! I hope you all had a good August and are having a great September as well. I promise I’ll try my best not to leave you waiting so long for another post.

Until next time,

– Katie

*first and last names have been changed to protect
the privacy of the family*
(and yes, I have permission to post about them)


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