Limited Edition Baby Lips Review + Swatches

I don’t know about you but when I hear or see the words “limited edition” I go crazyyyyy! So when I heard that Maybelline had released some limited edition Baby Lips I knew I had to hunt them down and snatch them up! I searched at a few different stores but the only place I found them was at Walgreens.

There are 3 new limited edition shades that come in two out of three limited edition twin packs. The twin packs retail for $7.99 each at Walgreens. 

Since one of the twin packs has two permanent shades which I already own I decided to only pick up the two other packs that had the limited edition shades plus an additional permanent shade I didn’t have yet.

 Pack #1

Pink Wink: Light pink that slightly nudes out the lips while adding a baby pink tint. I would compare this to the permanent Pink Punch shade only lighter and a bit less pigmented. You may laugh at this but I’d pin the scent of Pink Wink to the smell of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Gum. Yes, that exact scent. (Who else remembers that stuff?!)

 Pack #2

Twinkle: This is my least favorite of the limited edition shades. It’s a very light pinky-peach in the tube but goes on completely clear. I also don’t care for the scent. I’m not exactly sure what the scent is but it’s definitely a miss…

Coral Crush: Orangey-coral when applied. Smells like it’s trying to be fruity or tangerine scented but this scent was a miss for me too. I really like this shade and hope they’ll make it permanent but something needs to change with the scent.


Like the smell of one, like the color pay off of two but other than those flaws they’re the same ol’ same ol’ Baby Lips. Since I love the formulation of Baby Lips so much I’ll give the limited edition shades…. 3 stars!

If you wanted to pick up any of the twin packs I’d recommend getting either the pack with Quenched and Pink Punch (both permanent shade and my favorites!) or the pack with the limited edition shades Coral Crush and Twinkled if you’re a fan of coral like I am.

Happy shopping!

– Katie


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