The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Photos and Swatches)

Outside Packaging

Meet Matte Nude Packaging - Front

Meet Matte Nude Packaging - Back

Inside Packaging

Meet Matte Nude Packaging - Open

I absolutely loveeee The Balm’s packaging. I think they have one of the best, if not the best packaging out of all the beauty brands out there. I especially love the cover of the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. Last year The Balm released their original Meet Matt(e) palette which featured Matt fully clothed on the cover and since this is the neutral or “nude” version they decided to have Matt in his “birthday suit” on the cover. I just think it’s a brilliant idea, kudos to whoever at The Balm that thought of it!

Eye Shadow Close-Up

Meet Matte Nude Palette Close up

Another thing I love about the Meet Matt(e) palettes is the naming of the individual shadows. Each of the shadows in both palettes are coincidently named after a different Matt, which I find completely adorable!


Meet Matte Nude Swatches

I can’t say too much about the quality of these shadows because so far all I’ve done is these small swatches. I plan on doing a MOTD post using this palette later in the week so I can update you with my true first impression then. However, I did notice the lighter shades (Matt Malloy and Matt Lombardi) were a bit chalky which is disappointing.

Overall, my impressions of the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette are pretty positive up to this point. I look forward to using the shadows in a complete look on Wednesday so be on the look out for that post!

Has anyone tried this palette yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Leave them in a comment below.

– Katie

Meet Matt(e) Nude retails for $42 and can be found at or occasionally on HauteLook for around 50% off (I purchased mine from Hautelook at the beginning of February).


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