15 Summer Break Field Trip Ideas for Kids

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I had crazy amounts of energy. This will be my 4th summer nannying full-time and I know kids need a lot of entertainment throughout the day or they get bored quickly. One of the easiest ways to keep kids occupied for a longer period of time is to take them on a field trip. I have compiled a list of 15 field trip ideas that have worked well summer after summer for me and hopefully will work with your kids as well. Here they are…

15 Summer Break Field Trip Ideas for Kids

1) Library (they often have free programs for kids)

2) Pool | water park | splash pad

3) Dairy Queen or other ice cream place

4) Wendy’s, McDonalds or other cheap place for lunch or a treat

5) Bowling
(certain bowling alleys offer free games for kids EVERYDAY all summer!)

6) Mini golf

7) Arcade

8) Batting cages

9) Go karting

10) 7-11 or other convenience store to get Slurpees/slushies

11) Dollar or full price movies
(If you go before a certain time tickets are often discounted!)

12) Local children’s museum

13) Paint pottery

14) Local amusement park

15) Visit different parks throughout town

There you have it! One tip I wanted to mention is that to cut down costs I’ll usually bring our lunches, snacks and drinks to the different field trip locations.

What are some of your kids favorite summer field trips? Share them in a comment below!



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