25 Summer Activity/Project Ideas for Kids

Over the past four summers I’ve done my share of different activities with kids. Some of which worked seamlessly and some not so seamlessly. Today I’m sharing 25 activity/project ideas that have worked extremely well for me and hopefully will for you too. If I’ve done a past blog post I’ll be sure to link it to that activity/project.

Summer Activity/Project Ideas for Kids:

1) Buy a deck of cards and watch YouTube how-to card trick videos.

2) Make paper airplanes.

3) Make own crayons.

4) Make ice cream.

5) Make Shrinky Dinks
(Yes, 90’s kids those still exist!)

6) Make a story board based on a book.

7) Play board games or make own board game.

8) Put together (high number piece) puzzles.

9) Conduct science experiments.

10) Make volcano.

11) Make “lava lamp”
(Empty bottle, water, oil, food coloring, glitter).

12) Daily journal.

13) Movie review.

14) Make custom shirts (paint or tie-dye).

15) Educational (yes, I said it) workbooks/worksheets.

16) Mazes, word searches or crossword puzzles.

17) Create indoor/outdoor obstacle course.

18) Sent up tent indoors or outdoors and “camp” for a day.

19) Go on a supervised neighborhood scavenger hunt.

20) Freeze objects into a block of ice then use a chisel to get the objects out.

21) Have picnic lunch.

22) Create custom puppets and put on a show.

23) Have ice cream for lunch!

24) Have a pajama day/party.

25) Make pizza.

Well that wraps up my 2013 summer ideas for kids series!

What are some activity/projects you do with kids during the summer? Leave them in a comment below!



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