How to De-Pot MAC Eye Shadow (In 7 Easy Steps!)

how to depot mac eye shadow

What you’ll need:

– M.A.C. eye shadow (or blush)
– Xacto or regular knife
– Heat safe glove (optional)
– Hair straightener
– Parchment paper
– Acetone
– Cotton ball

Not pictured:

– Super glue and magnets OR
– Self adhesive magnets

What you'll need

Step 1:

Pre-heat straightener.

Step 1

Step 2:

CAREFULLY wedge the tip of a Xacto or regular knife and wiggle to separate the top and bottom pieces. Some eye shadows will separate more easily than others. If it’s more difficult BE VERY CAREFUL* you don’t cut yourself while trying to separate the pieces.

*If you notice a band-aid on my middle finger in later pictures it’s because I cut myself while taking these picture! Do as I say NOT as I do!

step 2

Step 3:

Take the top piece from the compact and place it on the straightener on top of a small section of parchment paper. Let the piece sit on the heat for about 10-15 seconds. After the initial 10-15 seconds I like to move mine back and forth for a few seconds. I find my curling wand glove (which I never use otherwise) works perfect for this! Next, remove the piece and check if the bottom has melted a bit. If it hasn’t melted place it back on the heat for a few additional seconds.

step 3

Step 4:

Take the Xacto or regular knife and gently press the melted back until the metal eye shadow pan pops forward. Once the entire metal pan has been loosened remove the pan from the black plastic piece.

WARNING: this metal pan has just sat on heat so it WILL be hot… lift with caution (that’s also why I choose to wear the heat safe glove.)

step 4

Step 5:

After the metal pan has cooled you will notice the remaining glue on the back. This can be removed by wiping with an acetone soaked cotton ball.

step 5

Step 6:

Now that you are left with just the pan you no longer have the name and finish of the eye shadow accessible. There are two options for this…

Option 1:

Take the orignal compact and place it on the heat for 10 seconds. This will allow its glue to melt a bit and it then can be lifted and placed onto the back of the metal pan.

step 6

Or Option 2:

If you have OCD like me you might prefer to type out your own label and stick them to the metal pans instead.

step 6 2

Step 7:

All you have left to do is attach a magnet!

step 7

AND YOU’RE DONE! I always thought de-potting eye shadows would be so difficult but it’s honestly so easy and quicker than I thought too. Oh, and I haven’t broken any shadows while de-potting with this method yet either. *Knocks on wood*

What is your favorite eye shadow brand? Leave it in a comment! I’d have to say mine is definitely MAC but I do reach for a few shades from other brands during my everyday makeup routine as well.

Have a good weekend!



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