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DIY: Custom Crayons

What you’ll need:

– Razor or Exacto knife

– Knife

– Cutting board
(you may want to use a cutting board or other solid
surface you don’t mind ruining)

– Cookie Sheet

– Aluminum Foil

– Crayons

– Oven safe silicone mold(s)
(I got mine for 99 cents each from Ikea. Yes, only 99 cents!!!)

– Toothpicks

Step 1

Using a razor or Exacto knife carefully slice the crayon wrapper then remove. Repeat until the number of desired crayons is reached. I found it easiest to hold the crayon at the top (as shown in the top, right picture below) and slice the wrapper in one straight line.

*If you’re using a new pack of crayons the wrappers of certain colors will be a little trickier to remove. I’d suggest popping them into the freezer for about 15 minutes before you begin the unwrapping process. The slight freeze allows for easier removal.*

Step 2

Begin cutting the unwrapped crayons into small pieces. The pieces should be around ¼ of an inch or smaller. This will allow the pieces to fit into the forms small cracks.While cutting up the crayons I started off using one method but that was taking quite a bit of time so I switched to another. Listed below are both methods I used while cutting the crayons.

Method #1

Place a crayon onto the cutting board and hold as seen in the first photo below. Begin sawing at the crayon while applying pressure downwards. You should only need to saw a bit before it breaks into a small piece.

Method #2

Place a crayon onto the cutting board. Hold the knife as shown in the first picture below then apply pressure directly onto the index finger using your other hand (as shown in the second picture below). Be careful with your thumb placement during this method so it doesn’t get caught under the end of the knife.

I found this method more effective because it was the faster of the two.

Step 3

Once the desired amount of crayons have been cut, you can begin filling your silicone mold(s). This is the part where you let your creativity and imagination take hold. Play around with different patterns and color combinations to make each crayon unique. You’ll want to overfill the forms slightly so when the crayon pieces begin to melt it’s entirely filled with melted wax.

Step 4

Once desired amount of forms have been filled place the mold onto an aluminum foiled covered cookie sheet.

Step 5

Place cookie sheet into a 250 degree oven for 12-15 minutes. Time and temperature may vary slightly oven to oven.

*You basically just want to bake until all the crayon pieces have melted. I’d suggest checking the mold around the 10 minute mark and see how it’s doing.*

Step 6

Once all the crayon pieces have completely melted remove the cookie sheet from the oven. Using a toothpick pop any air bubbles you see on the surface of the melted wax.

*This step is kind of optional. If the air bubbles are not popped you just won’t have as smooth of a surface on the new crayons.*

Step 7

Carefully carry the silicone mold and place it into the freezer for 20 minutes. Try to avoid spilling the melted wax because obviously, it will burn if it gets onto your skin. After 20 minutes the new crayons should be completely hardened, as well as cool.

Step 8

After 20 minutes remove the mold from the freezer and set aside until it reaches room temperature. This step will help the new crayons release easier.

Step 9

Flex the mold back and forth a bit to loosen the new crayons. Once the crayons have been loosened, flip the mold over and start popping them out. You’ll want to do this with a careful hand so they don’t break when they’re released.

Repeat until all the crayons have been released and you’re done!

Since these crayons are so adorable and would make a great gift I decided to add on a quick and easy wrapping option.

What you’ll need:

– Small treat bags

– Ribbon

– Scissors

– Crayon

All you do is place a crayon into the small treat bag then tie off the top with a ribbon.

This craft is really inexpensive, easy, and I honestly had fun making them. I really hope you all will give it a shot. I also tested it out with the kids I nanny the next day, and they had a blast. Look for pictures from that day in August’s Nanny Bits post at the end of the month.

Give my tutorial a try? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear whether or not it worked out for you and what you came up with.

– Katie

Here are my casualties from the project: R.I.P. little fishes.



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DIY: 18 Semi-Homemade Cards (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

I’ve really been trying to come up with an easy DIY that even the most un-crafty, un-creative person or just a beginning crafter could do. This actually left me quite puzzled at first, but then it hit me! Cards! I mean come on, we’ve all made at least one homemade card in our lifetime. So here’s what I came up with…

I decided to create a semi-homemade card tutorial. Semi-homemade meaning, you can take the templates that I have so lovingly created* and put your own spin on them during assembly. Basically, you can make the cards as complex or as simple as you’d like. Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

– Some sort of adhesive tape or glue
– Scissors
– Blanks cards
(Can be purchased at craft stores)
– Card templates
(Attached at the end of this post, I printed onto white card stock)
– Complimentary paper of your choice
– Ruler
– Pen/pencil

Step 1

Cut out designs on the card templates.

Side note 1: Whenever I’m crafting I always cut a little bit over around the actual border. This takes off the pressure of having to cut the border line perfectly. Andddd in the end I just think it looks better presentation wise.

Side note 2: I don’t use a ruler to trace where I’m actually going to cut. I just eye-ball it as I’m cutting. The rule usually goes measure twice and cut once but when I’m paper crafting I skip the measuring and cut twice. I just continue cutting down until all the sides look about even. If you’d feel more comfortable tracing with a ruler before cutting then go for it! They’re going to be your creations after all.

Step 2

Once all the designs are cut out start placing them on the different colored complimentary papers. I just used some card stock I had at home for my background paper but you can use whatever type and colors of paper you’d like. Keep playing around with the placement of the designs on different backgrounds until you find what you think looks the best. There is no real right and wrong way to do this.

Step 3

Get together everything you’ll need for the first card.

Step 4

Take the design for your first card and glue (or tape) the back then place onto the background paper of your choice.

Step 5

Cut out the design (still not using a ruler!) then play around with the placement onto the blank card. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. I placed mine in the middle of my card.

Step 6

After placing my design in the center I thought the card looked a little bare for my liking so I decided to add an accent. I used a ruler this time to trace out a stripe on a piece of the complimentary paper I already had out. For this stripe I just traced both sides of the ruler to ensure the entire thing would have an even width. After tracing, I cut it out and then played around with placement again. Once it was in a placement I liked, I glued the design and accent stripe into place then cut off the end of the stripe to fit the card.

And basically you’re done. You just need to repeat those steps with the different designs you like from the templates or your own designs. Remember to try and change it up a little bit with every card. Have some cards going vertical and some horizontal. My favorite part is adding the accents. Adding different accents really changes the look of your card making it your own and truly semi-homemade.

Here’s what I came up using only the materials I listed above and my imagination.

Some are simple and some are complex. I wanted to create a variety so that you could get an idea of what is possible with the somewhat plain designs you’ll print out.

Here are the templates:

Birthday – Color
Birthday – BW

Get Well Soon and Thinking of You – color
Get Well Soon and Thinking of You – BW

Congrats and Thank You – Color
Congrats and Thank You – BW

Give my tutorial a try? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear whether or not it worked out for you and what you came up with.

– Katie

*Although I did create the card templates I am in no way claiming that the pictures used are my own. All pictures were found using Google Images.


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