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Favorite Nail Polish for Fall 2013

Nail Polish Rack fall

Essie –  Brooch the Subject

Essie Brooch the Subject

Essie – Bangle Jangle

Essie Bangle Jangle

China Glaze – Purr-fect Plum

China Glaze Purr-fect Plum

China Glaze – Awakening

China Glaze Awakening

Essie – Power Clutch

Essie Power Clutch

Essie – Mink Muffs

Essie Mink Muffs

L’Oreal – Rainy Piccadilly

L'Oreal Rainy Piccadilly

Sinful Colors – Rich in Heart

Sinful Colors Rich in Heart

Essie – Armed and Ready

Essie Armed and Ready

China Glaze – I’m Not Lion

China Glaze I'm Not Lion

My favorite season is right around the corner and I can’t contain my excitement any longer so to celebrate I decided to put out my nail polish favorites a bit early this year. I’ve been seeing/hearing around the blogging and YouTube community that bright turquoise will be a big nail trend this year which I’m super excited about because I’ve been loving bright teal/turquoise this entire summer and I’m not ready to give it up yet! Essie In the Cab-Ana is a good choice as well as my overall summer 2013 favorite China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle.

What are your favorite polish picks for this fall? Leave them in a comment below!


(As always I have linked each image to a Google Image search of nail swatches of that shade.)



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DIY: Cornucopia Cupcakes

What you’ll need:

– Cupcakes
– Frosting, bag and Wilton 1M tip
– Bugles
– Runts

Step 1

Bake cupcakes then let cool completely.

Step 2

Pipe frosting swirl onto cupcakes

Step 3

Place a single Bugle and a few Runts onto the frosting in a Cornucopia form.

And volia! You’re done!

Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately but it’s finals week so things are getting hectic around here. I only have a few days of the semester left  then I’ll be back to posting regularly again! I promise!

– Katie

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Sunday & Scarecrows

Yesterday my mom, step-dad and I decided to head out and enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather at the Morton Arboretum. They currently have tons of fun fall activities going on there for both children and adults. One of which is a Scarecrow Trail around Meadow lake. The trail has more than 40 nature themed scarecrows all decorated by local schools and boy/girl scout troops. As I walked around the lake and admired what great of a job all the kids did I decided to take pictures of my favorites to share with you. They all got so creative with their different themes, I hope you like them as much as I did!

My mom made my sted-dad get in the picture since his mom reads my blog. Hi grandma Jimmie!

Aren’t they adorable?!

In other random news… Taylor Swift’s new CD Red comes out today and I’m sooooo excited! Now that this post is up I’m going to speed out to my local Target and pick up the deluxe edition. Woohoo! Byeeeee!

– Katie

P.S. All day my mom was wondering if the Morton Arboretum was the same Morton as Morton salt. My step-dad and I were skeptical but turns out she was right!

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Fall Nail Polish Picks 2012

It’s fall, it’s fall and I don’t care who knows it! Fall is my absolute favorite season and I’m so, so, so excited it’s that time of the year again! I decided that since I shared my summer nail polish picks I’d do the same for fall so let’s get started…


L to R: Essie – Bangle Jangle, Julie G – Julie’s Fave, Essie – Braziliant, Zoya – Arizona, Sinful Colors – Pull Over, Sinful Colors – Innocent, China Glaze – Flyin’ High and Essie – Mesmerized.


L to R: Zoya – Maura, Essie – Escapades, Essie – Silken Cord and OPI – The Color of Minnie.

Purple, Magenta & Pink

L to R: Sinful Colors – Fig, OPI – Ate Berries in the Canaries, Essie – Super Bossa Nova, China Glaze – Strawberry Fields, Sinful Colors – Folly, Julep – Niecy, OPI – My Chihuahua Bites,  China Glaze – High Hopes and Sinful Colors – Timbleberry.

Green, Blue & Gray

L to R: Essie – Stylenomics, Essie – Power Clutch, Revlon Colorstay – Spanish Moss, China Glaze – Exotic Encounters, Sinful Colors – Rain Storm, L.A. Girl – Idol, Revlon Colorstay – Blue Slate, China Glaze – Concrete Catwalk, China Glaze – Pelican Gray and Essence Colour & Go – Grey-t to be Here.

Duo Chrome

L to R: Sinful Colors – Gorgeous, Spoiled – Paying with Platinum and Sinful Colors – Bali Mist.


L to R: Hard Candy – Beetle, Sinful Colors – Dancing Nails, Essie – Antique Rose, Essie – Penny Talk, Essie – Good as Gold, Revlon – Steel-Her Heart and Essie – Over the Edge.


L to R: Sally Hansen Magnetic – Polar Purple, Magnetic Force by Color Club – Black Steel and Sally Hansen Magnetic – Ionic Indigo.

Nude & Neutral

L to R: Sinful Colors – Zincing of You, Essie – Mink Muffs, Sinful Colors – Nirvana, Essie – Brooch the Subject and Essie – Sand Tropez.


Top L to R: L.A. Girl Rock Star – Groupie, Sinful Colors – Snow Me White, Sinful Colors – Secret Admirer, Essie – Blanc, Revlon Colorstay – Marmalade, China Glaze – Grape Pop and Sinful Colors – Black on Black.

Bottom L to R: OPI – White Shatter, OPI – Silver Shatter and OPI – Black Shatter.


L to R: China Glaze – Desert Sun, China Glaze – Awakening, China Glaze – Purr-fect Plum and China Glaze – I’m Not Lion.

Top Coats

L to R: Sephora by OPI – Only Gold for Me, Essie Luxeffects – Shine of the Times, Essie – Matte About You and Sephora by OPI – Traffic Stopper Copper.

Of course there are PLENTY of other colors that would go perfectly but these are the polishes I currently have in my collection. Anyways, I hope this post was helpful and gives you an idea of some polishes to pick up for this fall season!

What are some of your favorite nail polishes for fall? Leave them in a comment below!

Happy fall everyone!

– Katie


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