Movie Review Template for Kids

It’s time for a reality check… whether we accept it or not we’re all critics. Whether it be about the clothes we wear, the food we eat or the movies we watch we all have an opinion. This is why I’ve decided to try something new this summer and do movie reviews with the kids I nanny. Throughout the summer the four of us will be taking turns choosing a movie, watching it then the kids will fill out movie reviews with their thoughts. We’ve done this once already and so far it’s a hit! Linked below are the two templates we’re using. One is for younger children who can’t yet fully write on their own yet and the other is for older children.

Template preview:Movie review preview2

Printable template: Movie Review Template (Young Child)

Template Preview:

Movie review preview1Printable template: Movie Review Template (Older Child)

If you try this out make sure to leave a comment! I’d love to know what movie you watched and how the review went!




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10 responses to “Movie Review Template for Kids

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  2. Julia

    Thank you for this printable. My kids are just learning how to write and this is such a great way to squeeze in an educational experience after a fun movie.

  3. Ebony Sands

    My 2nd grader is learning to write. I am going to give this movie review a try!

  4. Hey, I’d love to try this, but I cannot seem to get the printable version – is there any other way of me being able to get this from you?


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