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The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Hello there strangers! Well, I’m the stranger but I’m taking a break from my school work (school have been CRAZY this semester, senior year problems!) to bring you this very fitting post “The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag”. I saw this tag on Emily’s blog (Beauty Broadcast) and knew I just had to do it! If you have a blog I definitely think you should share your answers because let’s face it… who isn’t a procrastinator sometimes! Let’s get started…

Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?

I agree with Emily on this one… I rarely blow dry my hair. I usually take my showers at night so I let it air dry overnight while I sleep then either style it (which I also rarely do) or just throw it in a bun still wet in the morning. My hair is really long so it takes foreverrrrr to blow dry and ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s the justification for my laziness!

Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?

I’ll say yes, I do what I consider regular cleanings. I usually do a “deep clean” with either an actual makeup brush cleaner or simple ol’ baby shampoo about once a month or so. If I’ve just want to switch colors or feel like my brushes look especially dirty I’ll spot clean them with the E.L.F. daily brush cleanser.

How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Unless I’m really crunched for time or love a specific color I don’t leave my nail polish on long enough for it to begin chipping. As a self proclaimed nail polish hoarder I love too many colors so I switch my polish about every 3-5 days. BUT! I have noticed something recently… the shorter my nails are the less likely the polish will chip. Since starting the fall semester in mid-September I’ve been filing my nails down short once a week then painting (usually base coat, two coats of color then Essie Good to Go top coat which is my HOLY GRAIL) and it’s been lasting the entire week without chipping. It would probably last longer than a week if I let it, but like I said I’m a nail polish hoarder who changes her polish entirely too much… not sorry!

How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

I don’t have a time frame, it’s usually just whenever I want. I love experimenting with new products and different brands so I have multiples of all the products I use daily like concealer, powder, blushes, mascara, etc… so even once I’ve used something up I’m never without a specific type product completely. However, I have been trying to use up more products lately before purchasing new items on my wish list. More on that later in the post!

What is your worst beauty habit?

I also agree with Emily on this one. I have a horrible habit of picking at my cuticles. This is why I need polish on my nails at all time so I won’t want to mess them up! I have extremely dry cuticles so I also try to keep my Burt’s Bees cuticle butter on them so they look nice and I won’t pick at them either. It’s terrible and most of the time like Emily said I don’t even realize I’m messing with them but I am trying to quit here so that’s something!

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Hmmmm… this is a tough one! I would have said procrastinating with school work but this semester I’ve been keeping up with my goal of not procrastinating so that’s out. Ah, I got it! Washing my car and keeping the inside clean. My car is usually clean anyway so it’s more of just occasionally vacuuming and dusting the inside that needs to be done but I definitely don’t do it as often as I should. I’m sorry Tom! Tom is my car, Tom Cruze the Chevy Cruze. You know you love it!

When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

Definitely! I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. Whenever I need to be somewhere (school, work, appointments, etc…) I don’t get ready until as close to when I need to leave as I can. In the morning I usually don’t even wake up until about 45 minutes before I need to leave so I have to wash up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast and make myself to look presentable all within that time. Will I change this anytime soon? Probably not, it’s been working for me for years!

Can you commit to spending bans?

Complete spending bans? Absolutely not! I’m working on getting better with my hoarding but I never want to completely limit myself because if I see a product I’m in love with and absolutely can’t leave the store without, I’m going to buy it. I’m at a pretty comfortable spot with my makeup collection so not buying every new or fun product I see isn’t very hard. I’m limiting myself but not totally limiting myself because I try to reason with myself that if I have something extremely similar at home I can leave it behind and not regret it. If I think I’ll regret not picking it up or its limited edition, I’m more likely to buy it. That limited edition title can be trouble! For example, I have my eye on the new limited edition Sigma Crème de Couture eye shadow palette and blush in Cherry Apple. They’re both limited edition but I don’t use colored eye shadows often so I keep telling myself I’ll never use it. But still, not sure how much longer my love of matte shadows and I can resist that baby. Be strong Katie, be strong!

How organized is your make-up and nail polish collections?

My collections are very organized. Well, at least I think they are! My entire nail polish collection is on my wall in the nail polish rack my step-dad and I built which I am in loveeeee with. Most of my makeup collection is split between two hanging magnetic makeup boards and two Muji acrylic five drawer sets. I store a few other odds and ends that won’t fit in my Muji drawers or can’t hang on a makeup board in my vanity drawers. Eyelash curlers are stored with my eye and lip liners which in my Mickey Mouse mug on top of the Muji drawers. Just as an extra bit, my everyday brushes and perfume collection are stored on top of my vanity. Included below is a picture of my whole vanity set up so you can see what it will looks like put together. I love, love, love my current vanity set up! Hopefully one day I’ll have my own “dressing room” with a closet and vanity area in one with sleek white furniture but for now this is perfect!


I hope you enjoyed this tag! If you do this tag on your blog be sure to leave the link below so I can check it out. If you don’t have a blog feel free to answer the questions in the comment section because I’m nosy and want to know your “dirty little secrets” mwahaha! Until next time,



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